As a (very) competitive person, I’ll admit it used to frustrate me immensely when I’d see other agents proclaim to “the best”. I used to stay awake at night -sad I know, thinking what makes someone “the best” agent, what do I need to do to become it.

It also got me thinking – how do you define “The Best”. I’m sure their are agents that surpass my average of achieving 97.2% of the asking price and that there are agents who can sell properties faster than my average of 27 days. I’m certain there are agents with a lower fall through rate than mine, despite it being much less than the industry average. There will absolutely be agents that have won more awards than me. I only have the one – a GOLD Sunday times Award for lettings.

For the majority of my first 18 months in business I was obsessed with becoming the best agent but then after stumbling across what seems to be the new fad of content marketing I realised that literally NO ONE CARES.. except maybe my mum of course.

For over a year I have shifted my focus entirely from me trying to be the best to how can I best help other people. The best interests of my clients – past, present and future, are now at the heart of everything my agency does and I can honestly say my business has flourished as a consequence. More and more people are stopping in the office for a chat about what their next investment should be, or do I think this property is too expensive and I’m always happy to offer my opinion and try to help.

I’m no longer interested in being “the best”. Instead I want to be the most helpful.

So if you have a property related question please do give me a call  on 01202 721999 and I’d be happy to offer my thoughts. I don’t know everything but I’m sure if I don’t have the answers I’ll know someone that does!