We’re #1.
The best. Stat, stat, stat!

Are you sick of hearing the same messages from estate agents when all you really want is someone to sell your home who actually cares? To sell your property we have to LISTEN, as every client is different, every property unique, and until we understand your ‘moving’ story and appreciate your home’s key features, how can we market it effectively?


Small things,
BIG difference

Bold gestures are great, but we know that it is the small and simple touches that make a real difference. Keeping in touch, being honest, not baffling you with jargon, thinking about your circumstances when organising viewings, a smile, some reassurance. But behind the scenes, we are quick to grasp any opportunities, ninjas in negotiation, and serious about the way we do business.


No duster required

We never want a property to sit on a shelf covered in dust, creating a disgruntled client. We always approach selling your home with a clear strategy, our teamwork forever ensuring you and your property’s interests are respected. We are not an estate agent that likes to collect properties; at LeaderFox, we sell them.



When you start a business you always have aspirations, and it is incredible when they start to come to fruition.

My wife and I started Leader & Co, initially from home but when Keeley fell pregnant with our beautiful twins we knew we had to find office space. Sat in the heart of Ashley Cross Village, it was the perfect setting to create the kind of estate agency I knew I would want to sell my home with.

Over the next few years, through hard work and a passionate team, the business has grown. In the summer of 2016, we acquired Atkins Estate Agents. With Katie Fox, highly regarded agent from the area, joining us as an equity partner we have evolved into LeaderFox.